The Big Diabetes Lie Review

According to the Chronic Disease Overview conducted by the Government of USA, Diabetes was the one chronic disease that is most common among people. In 2013, 380 million people throughout the world had diabetes, which is 5% of the total population.

Surprisingly, of the two types of diabetes, Type I diabetes is detected only in 10% of the cases, the rest 90% are mostly affected by Type II diabetes. In the United States itself, the number of diabetics has reached 29.1 million, according to the studies conducted by CDC.

With the proportions being such high, the demand for information and solution for diabetes automatically increases. However, not all that you read on the internet or in the books and pamphlets about controlling is effective.

In fact, most of the books and articles talking about the ‘wonder’ medicine turn out to be a nuisance.

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

the big diabetes lie reviewIt is here that the talk about Max Sidorov’s book ” The Big Diabetes Lie – 7 Steps to Health” comes into the picture.

This book contains 500 pages of scientific study and research about breaking through Type II diabetes and seven steps that lead to an improved overall health.

Here’s all you need to know about the book:

What is ‘7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie‘ about?

The Big Diabetes Lie comes with a diabetes reversal program created after years of medicinal research by the author, Max Sidorov.

Following this program, diabetics can get rid of their Type II diabetes in just three weeks time.

This program claims to reduce the blood sugar level and improve the insulin sensitivity in diabetics. What’s even more surprising is that all this is possible without relying on the conventional diabetes cures like insulin injections and therapies.

The book talks about how medical science experts and pharmaceutical companies have always known a way to reverse diabetes.

People with diabetes have to suffer from the ill effects that accompany diabetes, like neuropathy pain, amputations, a risk of blindness and taking drugs and injections to counter it.

Sidorov states that according to two of his studies, there is no need for the people to bear these risks since Type II diabetes can be averted.

The claims made by Sidorov’s Big Diabetes Lie

Apart from claiming that Type II diabetes can be cured, the book also makes several other claims regarding the human health. Some of them are:

1. The ITCM cured almost 17,500 Type II diabetes patients

ITCM ( International Council for Truth in Medicine) is the website on which the book is sold, and according to the book, the organization has cured a total of 17,542 patients suffering from Type II diabetes without using any drugs, insulin or therapies.

The book also claims that over tens of thousands of people around the globe have tried the strategies mentioned in the book and cured their Type II diabetes.

2. More efficient cures than Drugs.

The Big Diabetes Lie talks of curing Type II diabetes without using drugs, simply by some strategies. The book also claims to have strategies that are twice as effective as the drugs that we currently use to cure Type II diabetes.

In other words, these strategies are more efficient in normalizing the level of blood sugar and reducing other symptoms of Type II diabetes.

If you want to learn more about this program, then I recommend you take a quick look at the video below:

big diabetes lie video

What’s Inside the Book?

The book is based on some simple and natural remedies that can be inculcated in our daily life if we want to counter Type II Diabetes. Some of the leading causes behind diabetes are explained in the book and other health risks that these habits expose you to are discussed, inflammation being the main one.

The book then moves on to what the seven steps to health are.

These steps include:

1. Say ‘No’ to diet foods.

According to the book, moving on to sugar-free diet which includes artificial sweeteners, fewer carbohydrates, and diet cokes are going to make you fatter and more prone to the effects of Type II diabetes.

The author states that according to his researches, these so-called ‘diet’ foods do a great deal to unbalance the sugar level.

Likewise, dairy products, which are something we tend to rely on after cutting down the carbs and fats from our diet are also appalling.

2. Say no to drugs by moving on to healthy food

The Big Diabetes Lie is a book known for opposing the intake of injections and medicines for curing diabetes. According to the research carried out by Sidorov’s organization ( ITCM) on edible stuff, it has been proven that several foods have the capability of fighting glucose level in the blood and they also contribute to the body’s immunity.

Thus, rather than taking medicines and drugs, it is these foods that you should consume. The book also enlists certain foods that shall be eliminated or consumed in a limited amount to stay healthy.

stay healthy

3. Not all fats are unhealthy

Sidorov explains how we cut down on fats to counter diabetes and states that it has more harm than benefits. In the section about healthy vs. unhealthy fats, benefits of Omega 3 and how it contributes to keeping you healthy are also explained.

Additionally, another important part of the book’s counter diabetes program is the spice, found commonly in everyone’s kitchen which is capable of boosting the metabolism of glucose in your body by up to 20%

4. Fighting Inflammation

Sidorov had given a rather lengthy explanation about how a bad immunity system can lead to inflammation in different body parts.

The book suggests that inflammation can lead to diabetes to fight inflammation, it is crucial to get rid of all the unhealthy processed junk food that we consume.

5. The Surprising truth about Medications.

One of the 20 chapters in the book is dedicated to explaining how the hundreds of diabetic medications that are sold in the market are useless.

Sidorov explains that after some time of taking the medicines, the body of the patient becomes immune to their effect.

Thus, the dose might be required to increase, and the side effects of higher dosage that follow are known to all.

6. The Conspiracy behind Diabetes Cure

The Big Lie that the book talks about is that the cure for type II Diabetes has been discovered long ago by the big pharmaceutical companies, but since they were natural, these companies have been hiding the cure to ensure that they continue to get the profits from the sale of diabetes medications and injections.

The book suggests that the government also has a major part to play in this conspiracy. Whether that’s true or not is up to the reader to decide.

Bonus Packages with the Book

The bonus pack that comes with the book contains some excellent reading material for healthy living.

It contains:

1. Miracle of Sleep

2. Miracle of Water

3. MSG and your Health

4. 7 Step to Health – Nutrition Guide

5. The Secrets of Antioxidants.


After having read numerous books that promise about offering a cure to diabetes but being useless, you might think that this one is yet another crackpot.

However, unlike the other books, The Big Diabetes Lie is loaded with lots of useful information about healthy habits, nutrition, and suggestions for healthier living.

There are several case studies and research studies in the book to back up the facts that it states.

According to some testimonials, some readers have been able to control their blood sugar level, and many have even been cured of Type II diabetes.

Moreover, if you have any doubt about the book being another fake, here’s the good part:

The book comes with a 60-day trial period offer. If you are dissatisfied with the book and don’t see visible results, you can return it and get a refund.


The only downside about this book is that the book is available only in digital format. So if you are looking for the traditional printed book, you might be a bit let down.

However, it is easy to download and read on the phone or your PC.


As far as the final verdict of the big diabetes lie review goes, it is advisable to take suggestions from your doctor before following the seven steps enlisted in the book.

Type II diabetes is a serious problem, and rather than completely neglecting your medications to follow a program which you are not sure about, it is better to consult your doctor and examine the results it might have on you.

Apart from that, the book offers some useful information about how to lead a healthy life, and you can try some of the tips that are suggested to breakthrough diabetes.

The conspiracy theory that the book talks about might not be quite reliable, but apart from that, the rest of the information that comes with the book is extremely useful.

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