Can Diabetes Be Reversed: Fact Or Fiction

can diabetes be reversedDiabetes is a degenerative disease which affects your body’s ability to metabolize glucose. Type 2 or insulin dependent diabetes is the most common form of diabetes that has affected millions of people around the world.

However, the answer to the question “can diabetes be reversed” is that it is possible.

According to mainstream medicine, insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas gland in your body, is what helps your cells to convert glucose in the food you eat into energy.

In the case of people suffering from type 2 diabetes, pancreas continues to produce insulin, but their body’s cells do not use it properly. This condition is referred to as insulin resistance.

In the initial stages, your pancreas manages blood sugar levels by producing more insulin in an effort to drive glucose into the cells.

However, over time the pancreas fails to keep up with the demand. This causes your blood sugar levels to rise. This is considered as the advanced stage of insulin resistance.

In reality, diabetes is not a problem associated with your blood sugar levels. It is a disorder related to leptin and insulin signaling. In fact, mainstream medicine, for the most part, has failed in treating diabetes.

Over the years, mainstream medicine has worsened the situation to such an extent that diabetes has assumed epidemic proportions.

Diabetes has been linked to several complications, including kidney damage, heart disease, hearing impairment, eye problems, hypertension, stroke and diseases of the nervous system such as dementia.

All of these chronic health issues are caused by the underlying insulin resistance. As a result, diabetes could be termed as pre-heart disease or pre-cancer as insulin resistance damages your body’s tissues.

Your doctor may tell you that the role of insulin is to lower your blood sugar level when in reality it is only an inconsequential side effect. In fact, insulin plays a key role in storing excess nutrients.

The human body is designed to go through cycles of feasting and famine. Our ancestors who were hunter gatherers encountered periods of feasting and famine.

If they were not able to store energy during periods of feasting, they would not have survived famine and we would not have been here today.

They stored energy by elevating their insulin levels. When your blood sugar level goes up on consumption foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar, insulin is released to store the sugar for future use.

Insulin regulation, therefore, plays a key role not only in your health, but also longevity. Over indulgence in high-carb and sugary (calorie rich) foods by modern man is what is responsible for incidence of obesity and diabetes.

The additional calorie that you feed your body with is mostly stored around your waist.

Therefore, elevated blood sugar level is not only a symptom of diabetes, but also peripheral vascular disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure.

Therefore, treating diabetes by using medications that help to lower blood sugar levels can be counterproductive. This is because they do not address the actual issue, which is metabolic miscommunication.

medications to lower blood sugar

In fact, administering insulin actually spells greater trouble as far as those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes are concerned. It only serves to worsen their insulin and leptin resistance over time.

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

As such, the only way you can reestablish the normal functioning of the leptin and insulin signaling systems is through diet.

This will have a more profound impact on your health than drugs or any other modalities of medical treatment. This, in turn will help you to reverse your diabetes.

However, your effort at incorporating dietary changes should also be supported well by involving in some kind of physical activity, ensuring adequate rest and maintaining a positive mental attitude.

diet and exercise

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