Is The Diabetes Destroyer Program A Cure For Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases worldwide. It hits hard, forces one to change their lifestyle upside down and even after doing all that, very few are lucky enough to get rid of the disease completely.

In such a bleak scenario, David Andrew’s “Diabetes Destroyer Program” comes across as a bright light of hope, mainly because of its claim of curing diabetes (Type II) 100% in 28 days flat. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, we did a bit of research about the program and its creator for the very same reason. Our findings are presented below in the form of a review.

The Diabetes Destroyer Program – A Review

Diabetes Destroyer programWhat is the Diabetes Destroyer Program?

It is a step by step guide that provides you with detailed information about all-natural remedies to cure Type II diabetes completely. It has been created by David Andrews, head chef at a five star restaurant and a fully recovered Type II diabetic.

David has come up with a very effective and scientifically proven 3-step method that he claims can help people reverse the Type II diabetes, once and for all.

What’s more, the Diabetes Destroyer program doesn’t involve eating any weird food, taking expensive medicines or doing intense workouts. The 100% organic treatment works by helping you step up the insulin production, altering its action and by avoiding the accumulation of glucose in the body.

All it takes is 4 weeks for the body to learn to regulate the insulin levels by itself and thus, cure diabetes naturally, permanently and for good.

(Price of the Diabetes Destroyer Program: $37 (You can buy online from the official website at : )


How Does the Diabetes Destroyer Program Work?

The program uses only natural remedies and methods to get the body to naturally regulate blood sugar levels and by doing so, eliminate the diabetes from the system completely. The entire plan follows a 3-step system -:

Step 1: Jumpstarting the pancreas

Here you learn about the dietary changes you need to make to get your body to make insulin at an optimum level once again.

By simply removing certain harmful foods from your diet and replacing them with healthier ones, your body will be able to revive the natural function of the pancreas.

This is the most essential step as insulin and blood sugar level are the two cogent factors that matter when combating diabetes.

Step 2: Increasing the metabolism rate

Once your insulin levels are up, your body needs to amp up the metabolism rate so that it can avoid any assimilation of glucose in the body.

David Andrew suggests to apply simple adjustments to your diet and include some exercises/workout routines for this purpose.

There are “3 metabolism boosting” berries described in the book and some 30-second workouts that can help increase the metabolism within days.

Hand holding meter. Diabetes doing glucose level test. Vegetables in backgroundStep 3: Timing meals to finish off diabetes

The Diabetes Destroyer program stresses upon not only what you eat, but also on when you eat. Timing meals perfectly is essential to eradicating diabetes as it makes the body healthier and stronger to fight the disease.

The insulin production rate and the metabolism also receive a boost, if you can plan your meals with suitable time difference between each of them.


– Completely natural solution
– Scientifically tested and proven
– Holistic approach towards diabetes
– No side effects
– Fast turnaround time (28 days)
– Easy to follow and use
– Excellent value for money
– 60 day complete money back guarantee


– Available only in a digital format (pdf file)
– Results vary based on a person’s commitment level and how strictly he/she follows the plan

Bonus Features:

Along with the main Diabetes Destroyer ebook, David Andrews has also included several bonus items which you can access once you have subscribed to the program. The bonus items include:

i) Aging No More – A program that explains various tips to help you reverse the process of aging – mind, body and soul.
ii) Accelerated Fat Burning Guide – Explains process for burning up fat quickly, allowing you to remove excess weight and build up muscles.
iii) Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally – It teaches you how to use natural food and workout techniques to help reduce blood pressure levels, without using any expensive or harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

Final Word

David Andrew’s “The Diabetes Destroyer Program” definitely deserves an applaud for showing everyone that curing diabetes permanently can be a reality.

What makes his method even more promising is that he relies completely on natural methods, foods and techniques to fight diabetes.

The result is that there are no harmful side effects involved, no expensive drugs and no expensive equipments to be purchased while following his program.

As many as 39,000 people all over the world claim to have benefited from the Diabetes Destroyer Program already. If you are a diabetic, there is really no harm in giving David Andrew’s Diabetes Program an honest try.

It is super affordable (only $37) and what’s more, comes with a 60 day full refund guarantee. Worth giving a shot surely!

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