Diabetes Symptoms in Women Over 40

diabetes in women over 40Thousands of women lose their lives to diabetes every year.


Because we all lead busy lives and tend to ignore subtle symptoms that can lead to serious consequences.

Typically, diabetes symptoms in women over 40 are shown in type 2 diabetes.

In most cases, such symptoms are difficult to detect, and most patients live with them for a very long time without realizing.

Type 2 diabetes is acquired, any time the pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin, or the body cells do not recognize the insulin. .

Diabetes symptoms in women over 40

  1. Excessive Thirst

excessive drinking diabetesA patient suffering from diabetes losses that ability to absorb sugar that spills off to the blood streams.

In return, the sugar level that is in excess sends a message to the brain that is demonstrated in the form of being thirsty.

Women suffering from diabetes type 2 might discover that they are abnormally becoming thirsty and even hungry.

This effect may be continuous

  1. Excessive Urination

The body might decide to get rid of the excess sugar levels in your body through urination.

Urination especially that increases, particularly at night, is a typical sign of diabetes.

  1. Eyesight Modification

poor visionWomen over the age of 40 that suffers from diabetes type 2 may experience vision alteration.

Vision alterations that have been the most reported are the double vision and fuzzy eyesight.

If eye problem that has been caused by diabetes goes untreated, it can eventually lead to blindness.

As a woman, the more you get older, the more you should have more eye checkups since this can also be related to more other diseases not only diabetes.

  1. Recurrent Infections

In women over the age of 40, this can consist of yeast infections or vaginal infections that keep on recurring.

If you notice that you are experiencing too much yeast or vaginal infections, it might be because of excess sugar levels in your urine.

Besides, women can notice that it is taking too long to recover from an infection. Whenever you have diabetes type 2, small bruises like scrapes, cuts among other wounds might take much longer to recover.

The longer healing time is caused by the high levels of sugar that reduce the amount of White blood cells. This reduces the body’s ability to repair.

  1. Fatigue

Women with diabetes type 2 may realize that, unlike before there are getting more tired than usual. The fatigue can accumulate over time and cannot be specified for other elements.

Patients might realize that it is becoming more difficult to wake up in the morning.

  1. Unexpected Weight Lose

weightloss diabetesThe patient will not be able to benefit from the food she is taking due to the kidney failure to absorb calories. This will in return lead to weight loss caused by diabetes.

Due to the kidney’s inability to absorb calories, the patient will constantly feel hungry, and this will result in excessive eating behaviors

Bottom Line

Diabetes symptoms in women over 40 are always different, so it is a high time that women need to understand about their body condition.

If you experience any of the above conditions, it is really important that you get tested on the level of glucose.