The Best Diet designed for Diabetic Weight Loss

Diabetic Weight Loss dietAccording to the National Diabetes Education Program, about 26 million of the United States population have diabetes.

This condition, which is characterized by high blood sugar levels and problems of insulin production, can at times be managed by shedding off some weight.

Diabetics who lose some weight make their blood sugar levels better and reduce the danger of heart disease.

A diet for calorie reduction derived from the Diabetes Food Pyramid educates people with diabetes on making good food selections and portion control.

As stated by the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive and Kidney Disorders, women require 1,200-1,600 calories while men require 1,600-2,000 calories daily to lose weight.

With healthy foods for diabetes, people with this condition are assured of shedding off some extra pounds and living a healthier life.


Starches give carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and minerals and they should be taken in every meal. People with diabetes are advised to consume a lot of whole grain starches as they are rich in fiber. Fiber plays an essential role in weight loss as it controls hunger. One is left feeling fuller for a longer period of time therefore reducing unnecessary eating between meals.

In order to lose weight, men should have their intake limited to eight servings and women six servings daily. This serving size is equivalent to one small potato, 1/3 cup of rice or pasta, cup of cold cereal that is unsweetened, cup of peas or corn and a slice of bread.

Meats and Meat Substitutes

The food in this category provides protein, minerals and vitamins. People with diabetes who are trying to shed off some weight have to limit their daily intake to 4-6 oz. It is important to keep the portions small. A 3-oz meat, fish or poultry portion is approximately the size of a deck of cards.

For further reduction of calorie intake, it is advisable to choose poultry and lean meat cuts. Trim all fat that is visible before cooking the meat or poultry. Dried beans, tofu, eggs and nuts are all under this food group.

Milk and Dairy

Dairy foods and milk are good sources of calcium, protein and carbohydrates. People on a diabetic weight loss diet should have their daily intake limited to two servings. One serving size is equivalent one cup of milk. To limit your calorie intake to achieve weight loss, you should choose non-fat and low-fat milk products.


Foods in this category have low calorie content and are high in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Eating raw vegetables and cooked ones without any sauces that are high in fat is a good way of limiting calorie intake. Women on a diabetic weight loss diet need 3 servings of vegetables daily and men 4 servings daily. Good low-calorie vegetables include leafy greens, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, cucumbers and carrots.


Fruits contain fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. Since carbohydrates contained in fruits affect blood sugar, it is important to control intake and portions. Women with diabetes who are looking to lose weight require 2 servings of fruit daily and men 4 servings daily.