A Guide to Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

signs and symptoms of diabetesDiabetes is an ailment common among people and is caused when the blood glucose level increases above the norm. This happens when the pancreas either does not have the ability to create insulin or when the insulin created is not enough for the body. This in turn causes a higher level of glucose to retain in the blood leading to many health problems and ultimately diabetes.

What are the signs and symptoms of diabetes is a question most of us don’t have the correct answer to. Therefore to answer that, given below are some of the early signs and symptoms of diabetes seen in patients. If an individual shows any of the following symptoms, its best advised to see a doctor immediately to check for diabetes.

Excessive thirst and frequent urination

An average person’s urination frequency is around 7 times per 24 hours but if you feel that you urinate more frequently, it might be an early symptom of diabetes. This is a result of your body trying to get rid of the excess glucose in your blood. Excessive thirst is also a sign of diabetes because to produce more urine, extra water intake is required by your body.

Increased hunger and tiredness

Hunger and tiredness can be a sign of many diseases but since it can also indicate that you have diabetes, it is always best to get yourself checked for the disease. This fatigue and hunger is a result of your body lacking in energy due to inadequate insulin production.

As your body cells are unable to take in glucose due to the lack of insulin, the body starts to crave more glucose thinking that your body does not contain the necessary glucose. This causes frequent hunger in a diabetes patient.

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Weight loss

As the energy production degrades when a person suffers from diabetes, the body’s proteins break down to produce the adequate energy thus resulting in weight loss.

Skin irritations

Some of you may not be aware of this, but itchy skin or dry skin can also be an appearance of one of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. If you have darkened armpits of neck, don’t ignore it as just a skin condition because you may be suffering from diabetes.

Blurred vision

When the fluid levels in your body change your eyes lose their ability to focus on a particular object resulting in blurred vision. Blurred vision is also a symptom of many other diseases, but if it appears with the other diabetes symptoms, chances of having diabetes are higher.

Slow healing

This is one major sign for diabetes in a person. Slow healing of wounds, cuts, bruises and even infections like the flu can be a sign of the disease. When your blood contains an excess of glucose, its healing property reduces therefor if you have this symptom, seeing a doctor right away is the best option.

Numbness in hands or feet

Diabetes can also cause numbness in your body parts. If you feel numb in your arms or legs with a constant pain and swelling, you may have diabetes. Going to a doctor as soon as numbness appears can make it easy for the disease to be reversed.

Vomiting and nausea

Stomach pains, vomiting can also occur due to diabetes. But as these symptoms are common for many other diseases sometimes it can also be just a false alarm.

Yeast infections

Yeast infections in moist and warm places of your body like, finger joints, under the breasts and also around sexual organs can be a cause of diabetes.

The above signs and symptoms of diabetes are just a few you should look out for when it comes to diabetes.  As it’s not easy to deal with the disease it is of paramount importance to get a checkup done as soon as any of the symptoms listed above start hampering daily work.

Always remember that the sooner you identify the disease the better treatment you can get. The more you ignore the signs the more pain and struggle you will have to endure in the future.

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